60th Birthday Wishes, Quotes and Messages

Celebrating 60th birthday is one of the greatest achievements one can ever get in his/her life. That’s why they deserve the best 60th birthday wishes, something that will inspire them and make them feel proud. Imagine, you conquer life’s battle and its ups and downs and manage to reach at this age, it’s never easy. The celebrant, but most often the family of the celebrant, throws a grand birthday party to give great importance to the day the celebrant reaches this important milestone in life.

Aside from 60th birthday party celebration, family and friends make sure that they get the best birthday gift for the celebrant. Since 60th birthday is considered as the diamond birth anniversary, most people are giving gifts with a touch of diamond in it. Of course, some inspirational 60th birthday wishes and messages on its gift tag or birthday card would make it even more special. We listed some of the best birthday messages for 60th birthday below that you may write on your card.

60th Birthday Wishes and 60th Birthday Messages


Do not feel bad about being 60.
Not everyone gets to celebrate their 60th years of existence.
Be thankful!
Happy Birthday!

Sixty years of bringing joy to the entire family.
How awesome can you get?
Happy Birthday!

You have been traveling around the sun for 60 years now!
Here’s to more trips and a longer and fruitful journey through life.
Happy 60th birthday!

They say that wine is better as it ages.
I wish nothing but the same for you.
Have a blessed day today
And may you age more gracefully in the coming years.

The older you get
The better you become
Continue to inspire us
Happy Birthday!

60th Birthday Quotes and 60th Birthday Greetings


At this point in time and with your age,
You might think that you have already gotten most out of life.
But as you celebrate another year on earth,
Know that you will never get enough of the love I have for you.

Look back on your life and see if you have made a change in our world or not.
If you haven’t, you still have lots of time to do so.
Continue and value your precious life!
I wish you a Happy Birthday!

May you have more love-filled years ahead!
The 60th is definitely a milestone in your life.
Have a happy birthday

Now you have the freedom to live your life in your own way
And you know where you stand in your life.
Enjoy the perks of growing old!
Happy birthday!

Forget how lengthy you’ve lived in this world.
Instead, look for the things that you’ve accomplished until now
And how far that you can still to go!
Have a great birthday!

I hope God will always be with you.
God bless and a warm happy 60th birthday to you!

Funny 60th Birthday Quotes, Quotes for 60th Birthday Funny

You’ve done a lot of great things for the past 60 years;
I hope you’ll still continue doing amazing things.
Just take your medicine and everything will be fine.
Happy 60th Birthday!

You don’t look 60 to me;
You just look 59 or more.
Have a good laugh at that!
Happy Birthday!

You’ve reached this age but you’re still immature.
But we love it!
Happy Birthday, old man!

It must feel good to experience being in your 20s
For the third time around.
Happy 60th birthday to you!

Look on the bright side;
You can now avail of the senior citizen discounts.
Happy 60th birthday!

I never thought of you as a liar.
You can’t be this old.
You don’t look a day over 20!
Have a happy and still “youthful” birthday!

60th Birthday Quotes For Men, Birthday Wishes for 60th Birthday


60 years have done great things to you.
Still handsome like the day I first laid my eyes on you.
Happy 60th Birthday, Husband!

What’s your secret?
The more years added to your timeline,
The more eye-catching you become!
Happy 60th!

How does it feel to reach this amazing age?
Happy Birthday!

Life begins at 40
But you’re just as amazing as you reached 60
Continue to be amazing
Happy Birthday!

60th Birthday Wishes for Grandparents

Make your grandparent happier on their special day. Send or address them by those 60th birthday wishes. Select those wishes that are best and suitable for them. You can consider the list of example below.

It’s official—we’ve been blessed with another year with you.
Your 60 years of existence have made our lives
Much brighter and more blessed.
Happy 60th birthday!

On this day, I wish you more healthy days ahead of you,
So that you have more chances of spreading your wisdom
And experience to others as you have done with me.
Happy birthday!

I wish you a very happy and wonderful 60th birthday today.
May you continue to be blessed
With more birthdays to come
So that you can experience things you still want to do.
Happy 60th birthday Grandpa!

60th Birthday Wishes for Parents, 60th birthday messages for mom and Dad

Are you looking for some birthday wishes that can be the best choice for you parent’s 60th birthday? So, what are you waiting for, explore some of those 60th birthday wishes below that are surely suitable for them as your birthday greeting

Sometimes I wish neverland existed
So we don’t have to grow older.
But whenever I see how magnificent of a person
You have grown into through the years,
I’m glad that we grow old like you.
Happy birthday Dad!

Happy 60th birthday my beloved mother!
Seeing you as the mature version of you right now
Inspires me to do my best in life.

I hope I’m as wiser and amazing
As you when I reach that age.
Enjoy your day!
Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday!
May God’s goodness continue to grace you in the coming years ahead,
Just like what He has done in the past 60 years of your life.

60th Birthday Quotes for Friend, 60th Birthday Wishes for a Friend

Here are some happy 60th birthday quotes that you can send to your friends on their 60th birthday celebration. These sets of examples of 60th birthday wishes are definitely appropriate on this occasion.

As you grow older,
You just become more amazing as a person,
And now that you’ve turned another year old,
You just become better and better.
Happy Birthday!

Thank you for being part of my life
And gracing the world with your existence.
I wish you more years ahead of you
And especially a very happy birthday today.

You’re an epitome of a very good man
It’s a pleasure to grow old with you.
Happy Birthday!

Feel the freedom,
You’ve reaches the age where you don’t have to count anymore
Happy Birthday!

Let’s celebrate
You’re a year older
And a year wiser
Happy Birthday!