Wondering what words to use to greet your family and friends this Christmas? Well, we have prepared some Christmas greetings, Christmas SMS, Christmas wishes and Christmas wordings you can use to add color to your Christmas card. These Christmas Card Messages can also be used as Christmas Text message sent via your mobile phone. Feel free to share these Christmas card messages to your social networking sites.

Christmas Card Messages

Christmas Card Messages

Please Find some christmas messages for your Christmas Cards below

May you find all the reasons
to smile in this special season.
Merry Christmas!

May this Christmas marks
the beginning of a wonderful year for us.
Have a joyous Christmas!

Be happy because the Savior is born.
May the hope and peace He bring be with us all.

Gifts, foods, and party!
Enjoy every moment of Christmas Day!

Once in every year we are given
a chance to spread joy and cheer.
I hope we can learn to do this all year!
Merry Christmas!

May this Christmas give us more time to experience
the loving presence of Christ in our hearts.
Merry Christmas!

Celebrate and be happy.
May all the good luck this day brings
give us more smiles for the coming year!

Wishing you happiness and contentment in this special time.
Merry Christmas!

Let Christ be born and reign in your heart.
He is the reason why all of us are full of glee!

Jump for joy because the Messiah is born.
Have a blessed Christmas!

Give glory to God because His Son is with us!
Celebrate this day with an open heart so that He can enter our lives.
Merry Christmas!

Christmas Messages For Cards Christmas Card Wordings

Looking for Christmas card messages, Christmas wishes greetings and Christmas quotes to write on your Christmas greetings cards? Look no more as we’re here to provide you some samples of Christmas messages for cards that you can use as your Christmas greetings. These Christmas messages for cards can also be used as Christmas sms messages, Christmas facebook status, Christmas text messages and Christmas wishes messages. Browse and enjoy!



Let us Celebrate the Christmas
With party and Prayer
Let us Merry Christmas for
Gods Love and Affection

Christmas is the messages
It gives us the hope and confidence
As we know God is loving and caring us
So let us merry Christmas

Christmas Brings Hope in us
Christmas fills love in our heart
Christmas spreads Love from our heart
Because Magic of Christmas not only
fills our heart but also it spreads
the Love from Our Heart
Merry Christmas

As Christmas pass By you
Donot forget to Pray and Party
Christmas is the Occasion for
pray and party for all that
God has Given to us
Merry Christmas

Happy Christmas Card Messages and Christmas Greetings Text


Let us rejoice the Christmas for
The Birth of Jesus Christ
Who is the savior of Us
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Christmas Marks for Forgiveness
Of the God with us. Let Us celebrate
The gods Kindness and Love towards us
Merry Christmas to you and your family

Christmas is the greatest birthday ever
Because it is the birthday of son of God
Christmas Celebration is the greatest prayer
We can offer to god
Let us merry Christmas

God is Kind and loving
He has send his own son
To save us from our sin
Let us Merry God’s love
Merry Christmas

Christmas Card Greetings

Need more corporate christmas messages to partner with your christmas gifts and hampers? Here are more!

We reached our goal because of the hard works you did.
May you continue to be the best asset of our company!

Christmas is the time to show appreciation for the dedication all of you have shown.
Let us continue to develop a deeper business relationship so that we can grow
and earn more for our families.
Merry Christmas to all!

I thank God for giving this company a strong human resource.
They are the reason why we have reached the top of our goal this year.
Let us take time to pray for each other’s strength and good health so that we will continue to work together and be a blessing to our workplace. Merry Christmas!

The company has been so generous to us.
We will not get tired of giving our service and loyalty.
God bless us all.

Thank you for sharing the blessing to us.
This is the best team that I have been with for the longest time.

Collection of Christmas Messages for Cards.


These messages below is especially written for Christmas. You can use this as Christmas wishes messages for your greeting cards

From my heart to yours
And through our families and friends,
Spread hope, love and cheer
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I wish you a wealth of joy and love
For this Christmas season.

I’ve been naughty this year, to save Santa a trip.
You are not exempt from giving me my presents however.

May the magic of this season
Bring you love and happiness
Today, and for the year to come.

May your Christmas be joyful.
May your New Year be hopeful.
May you receive all your heart’s desires.[

I wish you
Hope, love, joy and good health
During this Holiday Season
And for the rest of the year.
May you hold peace in your mind, joy in your heart
And see all your wishes fulfilled this Christmas.

I’ve taken your dreams and desires
And wrapped them up with my love
I hope it’ll bring you happiness
For Christmas, and the rest of the year!

I wish you Love, Health, and Happiness
for this December! And January! And February…

Corporate Christmas Card Messages and Greetings


It is Christmas! Have you sent your boss a greeting after you received your bonus? Well, if not, you may choose from this list of Christmas messages, Christmas wishes and Christmas greetings that you want him to get this special season of the year!

Please find some Christmas  messages for boss

There may be times
when I wasn’t able to meet deadlines or report on time.
I want you to know that I love this job so much!
Merry Christmas boss!

Sir, thank you for always inspiring us to manage
when times are tough, and sales are not good.
Merry Christmas!

This is not a good year for our company but still,
you allowed us to have this Christmas party.
Thank you for sharing your blessings to us.
Merry Christmas!

I don’t have anything to give you but my service and loyalty.
Merry Christmas!

I wish that we will continue our good relationship.
Continue to guide us as we do our work!
Merry Christmas!

Boss, thanks for the bonus!
It will help my family a lot!

You scold us whenever we did something wrong.
Suspends us when we fail to follow the rules.
I admit, I feel bad when it happens.
But when I go through it before I sleep,
I understand that you just wanted to bring out the best in us!
Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas Card Messages For Boss

I want you to know that I appreciate all of the efforts
you’ve done to make our company grow.
I know that you’ll do everything
because of your dedication and love for this job.
I hope to be like you!
Merry Christmas!

I sometimes feel you are acting so weird whenever you yell at us.
But I know that those actions are
just reflections of failure that you cannot accept.
Still, you manage to face all of us and come up with solutions.
You are one of a kind! Merry Christmas to you!

You go home late, but still arrive in the office early.
Eats lunch in front of your computer or while having a meeting.
You are such a busy person who has no time to waste.
I wonder how you manage to do everything in 24 hours.
Have a blessed Christmas!!
May you and your family be blessed with more happiness! Merry Christmas!

I wish for the success of our company!
Merry Christmas!

I am happy to have a boss like you.
You pushed me to the limits and I love it!
Merry Christmas!

I admire how you do your work.
You are so passionate about it.
I wish you to have a wonderful and merry Christmas!

I hope to be like you when I become a boss someday.
Merry Christmas!

Funny Christmas Card Messages


Christmas is a perfect time to have fun. Everyone’s aim seems to put a smile to their loved one’s face so they give something special like Christmas gifts, cards, etc. Now, if you want to add a little laughs to the holiday season and make a funny Christmas cards, you’ve come at the right place. Here are some funny Christmas messages, Christmas wishes and Christmas card wordings to add awesome merry to merry Christmas!

Don’t be afraid if a fat man breaks into your house
and throws you in a sack.
I told Santa that all I wanted for Christmas was you.

I need a picture of you to give to Santa,
so he will know exactly what I want for Christmas.

Here is a Christmas secret just for you.
Santa Claus is always so jolly
because he knows where all the naughty girls live.

The saying goes it is better to receive than give, right?
Well, it should.

You are all I want for Christmas.
No I really want a car.

I wanted to send you something amazing for Christmas,
but the mailman told me to get out of the mailbox.

Christmas is cancelled.
I was trying to tell Santa that
you had been good this year and he died laughing.

The only Christmas spirit
that you will see from me is in the
form of a bottle of whisky under your tree.
Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas Card Messages and Christmas Greetings Phrases

Greet your friends and spread the season of mirth to their hearts with the right selection of Christmas card messages to send together with your gifts or Christmas card.

May this day bring you health and success.
May you and your family experience God’s loving embrace.
Merry Christmas to all!

What makes this season special
than sharing your happiness to others.
Spread the joy and be a gift.
Merry Christmas!

End the days of sorrow
because this is the day to receive the gift of hope and salvation.
Be humble and let Christ rule your world.

Good will, success and happiness
be with you this Christmas!
Have a very merry Christmas!

Christmas is when all people are excited and energized.
I hope everybody will be like that all throughout the year!

Why wait for Christmas to make your family and friends happy?
Don’t you think it will be more special
if we do it for no reason and no occasion at all?
Merry Christmas!

I bought you a car for Christmas…
I meant card. Card.
Merry Christmas!

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