As Christmas approaches, our hearts are filled with warmth of love and joyful spirits of this festival. We decorate our homes and Christmas trees, we bake yummy Christmas special recipes, we buy Christmas gifts for our loved ones, we meet and greet our family and friends. In short, we try to live life to the fullest during the Christmas holidays.

But there are some dear people in our lives, who live far from our place. We want to meet them on Christmas, but because they live afar, we are are not able to meet them! Surely, we can’t let the distance ruin our relationship and Christmas spirit. So, what can be done? Well… Simply send out these beautiful and heartfelt Christmas Cards Online and don’t let the distance ruin the joyful spirits of Christmas.

Though, internet is full of so many Christmas cards that can be sent online, but I am sure here in our website, you are going to find the best of all the cards available online. Here, you have a choice fill your own message in these blank Christmas cards. This means you can say your heart out, with these Christmas cards.

Here, we have some of the most beautiful Christmas cards and sample messages that can be written on these cards. Writing the messages on these cards is very simple. You can use any paint or photo editing software to write your favorite message in these card and personalize it.

Christmas Card 1-

Here’s presenting our first Christmas card that is bright, red and beautiful. You can not only send Christmas wishes through this card, but you can wish Happy New Year through this card too.

online-christmas-wishesHere are the some messages that can be written on this card-

May this blissful Christmas season

greets you and your family

with love, health and happiness!


Sending your way,

heartfelt Christmas & New Year wishes!

Stay Blessed and Enjoy!


May your Christmas and New Year holidays

be filled with endless moments of

joy and love!


May this magical Christmas season

fills your life with

beautiful surprises and

love-filled moments!

Christmas Card 2-

Here comes our second Christmas card. This is a very cute Christmas card which has Christmas tree decorations, a snowman, a star and our cute Santa Clause! This card depicts a room, so we can fill up some wishes that are related to home and family.

christmas-cards-onlineHere are the wishes and messages that can be used to fill up in this Christmas card-

May you spend the most

joyful and memorable time

with your family on this Christmas!


May the happy spirit of Christmas

strength the bond of love

in your family and fill your home with

endless positive and happy moments


This Christmas,

I pray to Lord to bless you and your family with

long life, positive persona and good health!


Let the joy of Christmas

fill your home with

bright lights of love, affection and prosperity.


True joy of Christmas is

when you get to spend countless

happy and joyful moments with your family.

I wish, you be blessed with so many such moments


Sing a song

shout out loud

tap your feet

dance it out…

why? Because its Christmas time!!


May Santa gifts you a key

that unlocks all the doors

to a better and happy life!

Christmas Card 3-

Looking for a heartwarming Christmas card to send online? If yes, then our third card posted below will surely delight you. This is a very warm and beautiful Christmas card that can be sent to all the loved ones living afar.

online-christmas-messagesAs this Christmas card is already filled with lots of Christmas prompts along with Christmas and new year messages, you can write a line or two in this card in order to personalize it. Here are some sample text to write in this Christmas card-

Dear Ben,

Hope to see you soon!

Your Judy


To my sweetheart,

I wish you get all the happiness in life!

Love, Ben


Dear Betsy,

May this Christmas be the best one ever!

From Chris


Dear Carol,

May Lord bless you with love & luck!

From Bliss

Christmas Card 4-

Look at this joyful and lovely Christmas card. Though this card can be sent to anyone in your personal and professional network, but kids are going to love it the most. This card has that fun spirit of Christmas in it, which is loved by kids. There are kids in family or relations, who are unable to join the Christmas gathering due to reasons like illness, exams etc. You can send out these cards to them and bring out a bright smile on their gloomy face. You can also send this card to your fun friends to make them feel happy and surprise them!

online-christmas-greetingsYou can write one line wishes in this Christmas card, along with your name and the name of the receiver. Here are some sample one line wishes. Go check them out and feel free to use them while filling up this wonderful Christmas card-

Dear Carol,

May all your dreams come true!

Love, Ben!


Have fun and Enjoy to the fullest,

Because its Christmas time!


Free yourself from all worries,

Why? ‘Cause Christmas is here!


Say Yay!

Its Christmas Day!

Christmas Card 5-

Here comes our fifth Christmas card. Isn’t this card so pretty? I loved the Christmas tree in this card a lot. And look at the tag attached to the Christmas tree, it says Happy New Year! This is no wonder, the most beautiful and perfect card for Christmas and new year festive season.

best-online-christmas-cardsYou can write a message or wish of your choice on the Christmas tree along with your name and the name of receiver. Here are some of the most heartwarming and beautiful wishes can be written in this card to make it more beautiful and personalize it-

My dear Carol,

Hope this chilly air of this festive season

fill you life with endless warm moments of love!

Love, John!


May this Christmas

makes all your dreams come true.


Twinkling lights,

cool breeze,

wrapped gifts,

scented candles,

all say that its time to enjoy

as Christmas is here!


May this magical Christmas

gladden your heart

and fill it with laughter, joy and peace!


This Christmas,

I pray you be blessed with

lots of good luck,

happy and good health,

and prosperity!

Christmas Card 6-

Here comes yet another sweet and lovely Christmas card! You can write your Christmas message or wish for the sender in this card and send it via email or through social media to gladden them and make them happy.

online-christmas-cardsLook at the candle area in this card. If you willing to write a one-liner wish in this card, then you can write it on the golden ribbon behind the candle, else if you message is a long one, space beneath ‘Merry Christmas’ is all yours! Here are some samples of both one-liner wishes and long wishes for this card. Go check them out and get inspired-

Sending heartfelt wishes to you and your family!

Keep Smiling and Enjoy this season to the fullest!


is all what I have to say to you today!

#when you will write this one-liner on the golden ribbon, the card will be read as ‘Merry Christmas is all what I have to say to you today!’


is what my heart wishes your heart today!


Please accept my sincere wishes

for you and your family

on this divine and blissful day of Christmas!

Christmas Card 7-

Here’s presenting you the seventh Christmas card. This is a bright and cheerful card that will surely bring a bright and cheerful smile on the receiver’s face.

beautiful-online-christmas-cardsHere are some sample text messages for this beautiful Christmas card-

Dear Betsy,

I hope you get what all you wish for,

on this divine and magical day!

Love, Hog


May the bright lights of Christmas tree

the echoing sounds of Christmas bells

and the glowing Christmas stars

fill your life with endless magical moments

of love and warmth!


Do what you love,

Live life to the fullest,

as it’s Christmas time!


Say Ho Ho Ho

Say Yay Yay Yay

Because Shout-It-Loud

Its Christmas Day!

Christmas Card 8-

Here is our last but the most beautiful Christmas card for you. What makes this card the most beautiful is its red frame and the snowflakes on it. These snowflakes is adding a magical touch to this Christmas card.

online-merry-christmas-cardsYou can write your name and receiver’s name on the red frame area while you can use the white vacant area to write your message or wish. But make sure, you wish or message is neither too long, nor too short. Have a look at the sample messages for this card below-

With all my heart and soul,

I wish you Merry Christmas!


May Lord fill you life with

peace and love!


Spend some time with your family,

this is the best way to celebrate Christmas!

So, these were the Christmas cards for you and the sample messages for them. You are free to send out these Christmas cards online to your loved ones. Do stick around with us for more amazing stuff on Christmas and New Year!

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