Christmas is almost here. And I am pretty sure, you must have pulled up your Christmas socks and must have started the Christmas preparations.

The date 25th December is amongst the most awaited dates of year. And why not? It is a date when Jesus Christ was born and people celebrate it with full enthusiasm. It is observed as a holiday to honor the birth of God Jesus Christ.

The merriment can be felt in the air as Christmas arrives. The joy that is spread in the environment is worth waiting whole year. We meet and greet our friends and relatives. We exchange gifts and send beautiful cards full of good wishes and blessings.

This year, we suggest you to try something different, something new! Instead of sending any random Christmas card to your loved ones on Christmas, try sending personalized Christmas cards. These personalized Christmas cards can have the names and personal messages for the receiver which will surely make the receiver feel special. Personalized gifts and cards never fail to impress people and bring a bright smile on their faces.

Now if you are wondering, where you can get these personalized Christmas cards… then we are delighted to tell you that this post has some of the best personalized Christmas cards. In this post, we have made the most beautiful Christmas cards especially for you. We also have sample text for these Christmas cards, so that you can seek inspiration and ideas from these sample messages to fill in these cards.

You can simple download/save these blank personalized Christmas cards and write messages of your choice in it using any simple photo editor or paint software. These personalized cards are of high quality and printable in nature. So now, you are not able to send these cards electronically, but you can also send the printed form of these beautiful Christmas cards.

Personalized Christmas Card 1:

Below, you can see out first Christmas card for you. This is a very pretty Christmas card which can easily be personalized.

merry-christmas-cardsHere are the examples of messages which you can write in this Christmas card.


Dear Jane,

May these Christmas bells fill your

life with joy and merriment.




Dearest of all, Jane…

Jingle bells in the Christmas night,

May they fill your life with happy light!

Yours truly,



Dear Jane,

May this Christmas fill your life

with endless moments of joy!

Love you!



Personalized Christmas Card 2:

Here is our second Christmas card for you. This Christmas card already has a beautiful Christmas message in it. So in this Christmas card, you only need to your name and the name of the receiver. You can write the name of receiver on top of the card and your name at the bottom.

personalized-christmas-cardsHere are the ways in which you can write the names in the cards.

Dear Jeny,

With love, Tony!


To Jeny,

From Tony


My dear Jeny,

Lots of love, Tony


My love Jeny,

Yours truly, Tony

Personalized Christmas Card 3:

Here comes our third personalized Christmas card for you. This is a very bright and beautiful Christmas with ‘Merry Christmas‘ already written on it. In this card, you can write a one-line messages which ends at ‘Merry Christmas‘. Unable to get, what I am trying to say? Have a look at the examples below!

personalized-christmas-messagesHere are the examples of messages can be written on the card above. Each messages ends with ‘Merry Christmas’ but you don’t have to write ‘Merry Christmas’ by yourself. You can write the whole message excluding the ‘Merry Christmas‘ part.


With all my heart and soul

I wish you

Merry Christmas!

Love, Bett

*In this above written example, you can write the whole text excluding ‘Merry Christmas’. You can follow this in all the below written messages for this Christmas card.


Dear Annie,

Please accept my heartfelt

Merry Christmas

wishes for you!

Love, Bett!


Most loved

Merry Christmas

wishes for you, Jane!

Love, George


May you enjoy Christmas to the fullest!

Merry Christmas, Annie…

Yours, Bett

Personalized Christmas Card 4:

Here comes our fourth Merry Christmas card. This is the most favorite card of mine. It has a very cute Christmas special teddy bear in it, which makes this card really very cute. You can send this cute Christmas card to anyone in your personal or professional circle. Have a look at the messages below, that can be written in this card in order to personalize it.

beautiful-personalized-christmas-cardsHere are the messages that can be written in this card in order to personalize it. You can write your names and modify the messages according to your need and choice.

Hey Hazel,

I am sending this cute teddy

just to make you smile and

wish a very

Merry Christmas!

Love, John!


Wishing a very happy

super duper

love-filled and

Merry Christmas!

From, John!


This Christmas,

I pray to Lord to bless you with

endless joy and laughter!

Merry Christmas!

Yours truly, Jane!


Dear John,

May you be blessed with

success, good will and joy

on this Christmas!

Merry Christmas

From Janey


May you enjoy this Christmas

with the ones you love the most!

Merry Christmas

With lots of love, Jimmy!

Personalized Christmas Card 5:

Here comes a very classy and joyful Christmas card! This card is a very elegant one, with balloons, candles, a bottle of champagne, glasses and yes, a snowman too!! I am pretty sure, this card can bring smile on anyone’s face. Scroll down to read what messages can be written on this card to personalize it and make it more beautiful with your wishes!

online-personalized-christmas-cardsHere are some sample messages that can be written on this greeting card to beautify and personalize it.

May your life be full of

happy and fun-filled moments

and may you enjoy this Christmas to the fullest.

Merry Christmas!


Enjoy this Christmas

with a glass of wine

yummy cup-cakes

and lots of joyful moments!

From, Anky


My Dear John,

Christmas is a time

to meet and greet the ones you love!

You be surrounded with your loved ones this Christmas!

Merry Christmas 🙂

With Love, Annie


May you spread the charm of your smile

and the magic in your shimmering eyes

amongst all the people around you!

Merry Christmas Jenny!

Love, Roshy


Dear Annie,

Christmas is a time to

count your blessing and

cherish the happy moments!

May you be blessed with

lots of happy moments this Christmas!

Merry Christmas

From, Jane!

Personalized Christmas Card 6:

We are discussing about beautiful Christmas card, how can we forget Christmas card with bows, ribbons, candles and a Christmas tree? Here’s presenting you one such card which is high-on Christmas spirits and will surely ignite the fire to celebrate Christmas to the fullest. Below this card are some sample messages which you can write in this Christmas card to personalize it.

christmas-greeting-cardsDear Maria,

May the Christmas lights,

the snow flakes,

the red ribbons

and the glowing candles

bring lots of love and luck in your life!

Merry Christmas

Love, Jony


Dear Bett,

Let the happy Christmas spirits

fill your life with

never ending happiness and prosperity!

Merry Christmas!

From, Uncle John


Dear Betsy,

Wishing you peace, love & luck

this Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!

From, Jane

Personalized Christmas Card 7:

Here’s presenting you all our last yet the most joyful Christmas card in our list. This is totally a fun card with a big happy snowman in it. Wondering what else you can write in this card to personalize it? Read below to delight yourselves!


Dear Son/Daughter,

Step out in the snow,

make a snowman

play with snowballs

get drenched in the snowflakes

decorate your Christmas tree!

why? Because its Christmas time!!

Merry Christmas!

With love, Dad!


Hey Sweety,

Lets have a big bash on this Christmas

and make it the most memorable Christmas till date!

Think about it 🙂

Merry Christmas!!

Love, Jake


Dear Annie,

May the ringing bells,

the falling snowflakes,

the glittering lights,

and the laughing snowman

brings lots of happiness in your life.

Merry Christmas!

From Betsy!

Hope you loved our beautiful Christmas cards created especially for you and hope you loved reading our sample messages to fill in these cards. You can always add the text of your choice and play with words, when personalizing the Christmas card. Stay connected for more interesting Christmas stuff.

Hope you have a great time ahead!

Merry Christmas!!

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