Christmas is a festival full of fun and cheerfulness. This happy festival is loved and enjoyed by people of all ages, especially kids. For kids, this is not just a festival but a holiday season in which they can play, sing, dance, eat and receive lots of gifts.

The enthusiasm that can be seen and felt amongst the kids  cannot be compared with any other thing on this earth. If you have kids in your neighborhood, relation or at home… you can understand how much cheerfulness these little kids add to the Christmas celebration.

Every kids expects to receive gifts and candies on Christmas, whether from Santa Clause (*wink) or from biggies in their homes, neighbors or relations. Though, giving away gifts and candies is a routine… you can make Christmas even more special by sending out the Christmas cards for kids.

And if you are looking for cute and joyful Christmas cards for kids, then this post is going to make you jump around with joy! In this post, we have some really joyful and happy Christmas cards for kids. These cards have especially been created by our team for kids. These cards will surely bring a happy and big smile on their faces.

Christmas Card For Kids 1:

Here’s presenting you our first Christmas cards for Kids. Look at this Christmas card! It is already giving happy and cheerful vibes. A sweet girl dancing with a snowman, clearly depicts the happiness and fun that is in the air. You can send this card to the little girl you know, whether she is your baby, your niece, or in a relative, neighbor or your friend’s relative. All that matters is spreading the joy of Christmas amongst the kids through these cards.

kids-merry-christmas-cardsSample messages to write on Christmas card no.1-


Lets dance,

Lets sing,

and Lets party!!

Christmas is here!


Lets join our hands and clap clap clap,

Lets dance to our feet and tap tap tap,

Its Christmas time full of fun and joy,

Sing Christmas carol say Ahoy Ahoy Ahoy!


May this Christmas of yours

be the most happiest and fun filled Christmas ever!


May you get lots of yummy treats,

and may you wake up

to lots of gifts on Christmas morning!

Christmas Card For Kids 2:

Santa Clause, his gifts and Elves are the major reasons why kids love Christmas! Here in our second Christmas card for kids, we have Christmas bells and a sweet little elf standing. It seems as if this sweet elf is wishing Merry Christmas and Happy new year. This card is almost a complete card. You only need to write ‘To’ and ‘From’ names on this card in order to personalize it.

kids-christmas-cardsSample text for Christmas card no. 2-


My little sweet plum

With love, Uncle John


Dear Sugar plum,

Lots of love, Aunty Betsy


My little munchkin

Yours, Tim


To the most cutest girl on Earth

From your secret Santa!


To the most handsome boy on Earth

From your super hero ben10

Christmas Card For Kids 3:

Oh! Look at this astonished elf in this card. It looks so cute and adorable. I am pretty sure, kids are going to love this Christmas card. Well for this Christmas card, you can write one Christmas wishes and messages for kids. And make sure, these wishes and messages are light and fun-filled.

christmas-greetings-for-kidsSample one line wishes and messages for Christmas card no.3-


Wake up!

Its time to decorate our house,

our Christmas tree,

our special Christmas stocking

and write a wishlist!

Santa can pay a visit anytime!


Be nice this Christmas,

as Santa is going to reward

all those who have been nice to all

with extra gifts!


On this Christmas,

I wish Santa gives you everything

that you have written in your wishlist!


Are you dancing with joys?

Are you looking for toys?

No worries, its perfect time to celebrate,

Oh its Christmas that we always await!

Christmas Card For Kids 4:

Here comes yet another cute and happy Christmas card for kids. The cute penguins and a happy reindeer is making this card even more cheerful. This card is very spacious and therefore, you can write your heart out on this Christmas. You can write heartwarming and love-filled Christmas wishes on this Christmas card which will be loved by the kids.

merry-christmas-greetings-for-kidsChristmas messages for card no.4-


Santa is on his way,

he is going to bless our day,

Don’t be naught, just be nice…

For Santa is going to reward the wise!


You have magical powers?

Wondering what?

Well, its your smile…

which fills the surrounding with joy!

So keep smiling!


Christmas bells are ringing,

Bird and elves are singing,

Lets laugh out loud and dance,

Don’t wait for another chance!


Christmas is all about

laughing with family,

eating chocolates,

and dancing on the tunes of carols.

May you get the most of it!

Christmas Card For Kids 5:

Kids love partying with their siblings, cousins and friends. This card will surely double their joy of Christmas and increase their enthusiasm of celebrating Christmas with their siblings, cousins and friends.

merry-christmas-cards-for-kidsSome sweet Christmas messages for Christmas card no.5-


Christmas is all about being together,

to love… to share… and to care!


This Christmas,

give a gift of smile

to the ones your love

and spread the magic of

the cheerfulness within you!


May you get the most beautiful gift

on this Christmas,

and may Santa fulfill all your wishes!


Christmas festivities in the air,

silently say that its time to

rejoice and celebrate our bonding

with our friends and loved ones.

Christmas Card For Kids 6:

Here comes our sixth Christmas card for kids. The most common and playful activity that kids love to do on Christmas season is making snowman. And when you give a card to them with this happy snowman on it, I am pretty sure they are going to love the most. This card also has Santa’s reindeer which is also enhancing the beauty and charm of this card.

merry-christmas-greetingsHere are the text messages that can be written on this card-


Gifts wrapped in red and blue,

silently give us a clue…

that Christmas is in the air,

spread its magic everywhere!


May you get to play in snow,

may you get to eat lots of cookies,

and may you get to see

the most amazing Christmas this year


Can you look at the view?

Its all green, red and blue!

You know what these decorations say?

Oh my God!! Its Christmas Day!


Near or far,

where ever your friends are…

Don’t forget to wish them,

Don’t forget to say…

Happy Christmas day!

Happy Christmas day!

Christmas Card For Kids 7:

Here’s presenting you the last but the most beautiful creation of ours. This is our seventh Christmas card for kids. This card the one thing that is loved by the kids the most. Wondering what it is? Well, its the gifts. Like I said before, each and every kid celebrating Christmas expects to receive gifts on Christmas and this card has lots of gifts on it. All you need to do is, simply write a short and sweet Christmas notes on this card and send to your little buddy. I am sure, he or she is going to love it a lot.

christmas-card-for-kidsHere are some sample Christmas notes, that you can write on this beautiful card-


May the happy spirits of Christmas

brings lots of fun and enjoyments to you!


Like the twinkling lights of Christmas tree

fill the environment with cheerful,

I wish your smile

fills the environment with joy and happiness!


Christmas is a wonderful holiday time!

Make sure you enjoy it to the fullest

and make the most of it

by sharing the love and care with your elders.


May Santa make your

all dream come true

and may he bless you with

laughter and happiness!

So that’s a wrap now! This post has come to an end. But not our Christmas preparations and celebration. You can look around our wonderful website for more interesting and useful ideas, messages and cards on Christmas.

Don’t forget to share these with your near and dear ones. And yes, Merry Christmas!!

Take care!

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