Our Christmas spirits are rising sky high and we are loving this joyful feeling a lot. Christmas festivities is in the air. I am sure, like our team 365greetings, You all must have started the Christmas preparation too. And why not? Its almost here!

We love to send good and happy wishes to our loved ones on Christmas. We always  look for something unique and creative, which makes our wish different from others’ wishes. In this post, we are presenting you a very unique kind of Christmas card. It is called the Dog Christmas cards.

Everyone loves cute dogs and pups. These cards are meant to make people smile and laugh on Christmas. These cards have cute dog pictures on them. These cute dog Christmas cards are a very unique way to wish Christmas. If you have a waggy tail friend at your home, you can put its picture in this cards and send out the card from its names. If you don’t have a dog, not to worry! These card already have cute dog pictures which will surely bring a bright smile on the faces of your loved ones. Some cute and funny quotes or dialogues can be written on these cards, to make them cuter and funnier.

I really feel that sending out Christmas cards of your little jumpy four-legged friends is a very cute and sweet idea. In this post, We have created some really cute dog Christmas cards that you can send to your near and dear ones and to the dog lovers like you. These Christmas cards have cute dog pictures and cartoons that will surely be loved by all.

Dog Christmas Card 1:

This is our first dog Christmas card. This cute card is for those who don’t have a dog and still loves dogs or for those who don’t want to add original dog pictures. The cartoon doggie in this card looks so cheerful and happy, that it is already expressing the excitement through its big smile.

christmas-greetingsHere are some messages that you can write on this dog Christmas card-


May you have woofy

jolly, waggy, fluffy

and cozy Christmas!


May this Christmas of yours

be filled with lots of

cookies, treats and chocolates!


May you have a very happy

and joyful Christmas this year!


Lots of joys and smiles

for you and your family on Christmas!


Have a happy zappy Christmas!


Dog Christmas Card 2:

Aww! Look at this cute dog Christmas card. The dog in a Santa Clause jacket and cap with lots of prezzies looks so cute. Though, you can get your dog dressed up like this and replace this picture with you dog’s picture… but you can use this card as it is too! This cute and innocent dog will surely bring smiles on the faces and will add an extra tinch of joy in the celebration.

cute-dog-christmas-cardsHere are some heartwarming Christmas wishes which can be written on this cute dog Christmas card no.2-


Knock Knock!

Please open the your heart,

as I have brought many joys,

happiness and love for you,

on this Christmas!

Hope you like this gift!


On this Christmas,

may you be blessed with

the gift of joy,

the gift of love,

the gift of togetherness

and the gift of peace!


Please accept my sweet,

little and warm hug for you

on this chilly Christmas evening!


Special delivery for special people!

Here’s the gift of happy Christmas spirits for you!

Please accept and oblige!

Dog Christmas Card 3:

I feel like doing ‘awwww’ as I look at the cards. All cards are so cute! And I, being a bid dog lover… I can’t resist looking at these cards and adoring them again and again. I am pretty sure, you will agree with me on this. This is our third creation for you. We have tried to create a cute, simple and decent card for heartwarming Christmas wishes. You can send this cute card with cute and innocent dog’s face to anyone in your personal and professional circle.

dog-merry-christmas-greetingsHere are some heartwarming and love-filled Christmas wishes suitable for this dog Christmas card-


Dear Ben,

Last Christmas, You stole my treats!

This year, be good and nice

gift me a pack of treats

and Santa will fulfill all your wishes!


Waggy Tails Ronnie!


Be nice and Santa will fill your

Christmas stockings with lots of

yummy treats and chocolates!

And yes, don’t forget to share it me…


May all your wishes come true,

and may you get lots of yummy treats!


Lets spread the charm of Christmas together!

I will dance and shake my waggy tail,

and you clap your hands and sing Christmas carols!


Fluffy, The cutest dog!

Dog Christmas Card 4:

Here’s presenting you our fourth dog Christmas card. If you have a family member living afar, and he or she misses your fluffy dog, then this card is just perfect to make them smile and share some love on your dog’s behalf. This card has two bone treats with dog’s name on it. You can replace these names with your dog’s names and fill cute and funny messages, that will surely make your dear one smile and make them feel loved.

merry-christmas-greetingsHere are some sample sweet messages that you can write on this card-


Hey Julie,

We have saved the Christmas cookies

for you! Please come soon, and

we shall enjoy the cookies together!

Your best friends,

Chester & Charlie!


Oh Ben,

This is to inform you

that this year we are not coming

to pull your sleigh,

as we are busy in eating

yummy bone and fish treats!

So, Help yourself!


May you have a happ

and tail wagging Christmas!

Have a super blast!

Dog Christmas Card 5:

Here comes yet another super-cute dog Christmas card. Add a little extra warmth and joy by sending this beautiful dog Christmas card to your pet lover or dog lover friends or relatives.

dog-christmas-cardsSample Christmas text messages for dog Christmas card no.5-


May this Christmas

brings loads of good news to you!


On this Christmas,

I wish you get to hear

many good news

making your Christmas

the best Christmas ever!


Naught or nice,

sweet or wise,

you will always be special to me!

Spread your magical charm this Christmas

and be loved!


Love, Laugh and Dance,

Its Christmas time!


You can act good,

the next year!

This year, help me steal some treats

from mom’s Kitchen

and I will share it you too!



Wishing you a Christmas

that is filled with

infinite happy moments and

cozy family gatherings!

Dog Christmas Card 6:

Hey look! Our cute brown pup is back with its super cute smile. Remember, we met this cute little buddy in our card no. 1! Well, this is no doubt a very cute card that will be loved by all. You can add your own wishes and messages to this card to personalize it and make it more cheerful!

best-dog-christmas-cardsHere are some heartfelt Christmas wishes for this card-


May this Christmas brings you

a gift of wisdom so that

it fills your life with

wise and love-full thoughts!


Hey buddy,

Lets smile and dance,

Lets party and sing our heart out!

Lets enjoy the Christmas!


Take time to meet your old buddies,

take time to smile with little kids,

take time to talk to your lover,

and take time to be with your family!

This is what Christmas is all about…

Dog Christmas Card 7:

Here’s presenting you our last but not the least dog Christmas card. This is indeed a very positive and cheerful card. What is making it positive is its background color i.e. green! Bright green color always provide positivity, cheerfulness and makes you feel fresh! Want to send a card from your four-legged friends? Try sending this card. This is an easy to personalize greeting card. You only need to replace the name ‘Barkley’ written on the card with your dog’s and write a good Christmas message on it.

dog-christmas-greetingsHere are some Christmas messages that can be used to fill this wonderful Christmas card-


Christmas is not just a day,

but its a full season of joy

and happiness!

May you enjoy it to the fullest!


Accept my most heartfelt

and warm Christmas wishes

for you and your loved ones!


May this Christmas brings

festivity and fun in your life

and fill it with endless prosperity!

So these were our unique collection of Dog Christmas Cards for you. We have created these cards and messages with lots of hard work and dedication. We really hope you liked all of the above posted cards, messages and ideas. You can edit these cards using a photo editing software, add text messages and photos to it and send it to your dear ones on Christmas.

Stay connected with us for more and have a merry Christmas!

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