Appreciation messagesAppreciation messages can be sent to others in a way to appreciate them as a token of praising them for their work. A work needs appreciation for it to be finished with perfection. If a person is appreciated well and their works recognized in a timely manner then the result would be positive and good. We don’t want you to find it difficult to search of appreciation messages so we have suggested you some messages below.
Thanks for being a great mentor of my life,
Thanks for being the reason for my success!

Thanks for the great job you have done,
Your works will always be honored!

We really appreciate your positive attitude,
Keep going with the same spirit as you are!

We won’t be finding another person like you,
You have been such an inspiration to us in many ways,
Thanks for every little care you have taken in our life!

You have taken so much interest and time to support us,
You are the gem of a person!

We should never forget two persons in life,
One who stood behind your successes,
And the other one who stood against your successes,
You are the one who stood behind my success and you will be remembered for my life!

You are honorably remembered and appreciated for the support and guidance you have given us from day of your job. Keep doing it for the rest of days!

The value of sunrise is known only to people, who were in the darkness,
We know your value as we know how we were before your coming,
You are a person to be treasured and appreciated to the core.

You have been there in my life as a best mentor,
You have been there in my heart as a best friend.

Thanks for adding so much of colors to my life,
Thanks for adding flavors to my life!


You were there when I was in a confused mind,
You were there when I was in a depressed mood,
You were there when I was in turmoil,
You were there in my life to make me as I am now,
Thanks for your support!

There are no words to describe your help,
There are no ways to thank you for your support,
There are no compliments for your gratitude,
There is only one way to thank you is asking you to stay with us forever and support us!



You have done a great Job!!! Keep it up
The work and effort you are taken to fulfil this project is tremendous
Keep it up
I am unable to find words to describe your help
Thanks for your all help

appreciation text messages

I am sending you this text message to express

My appreciation and gratitude for your help and support

teacher appreciation messages

I am very thank full and help for the support you are given to me

birthday appreciation messages

Happy Birthday!!! You are done a great job on birthday

appreciation messages to a friend

You have done a wonderful job. Great!!! Keep it up

thank you appreciation messages

I am really thank you for your help and support. I really appreciate that

appreciation messages to employees

The job you have done is really helped us. I appreciate you on behalf of our company and colleagues!!!

Best Appreciation Text Messages

best-appreciation-text-messagesThink when you do something good, achieve something, help someone etc., and people appreciate you for that gesture, achievement or effort. How do you feel? You feel like all your efforts and hard work has paid off. In the same way, people around you also need to be appreciated for their achievement, hard work or have done something good. Simple appreciations can double their joy of that achievement or success of a person. If you are looking for the best appreciation text messages then this post is going to help you a lot.

Here you are going to explore the best messages of appreciation which can be sent to your near and dears one in order to appreciate them for their effort, success or achievement.

Teacher Appreciation Messages:

This is the first section of this post where you are going to explore the best appreciation messages for teachers. Our teachers work really hard in order to make us gain knowledge and study, which helps us in building up a strong career and successful future. These simple yet joyful teacher appreciation messages will help your teachers to know that how grateful you are to them and how much you love their work and efforts for you. Even if you are not a student, but a parent or a friend of a teacher, you can send these appreciation messages to motivate and appreciate them.

Check out these beautiful teacher appreciation messages and send it to the teacher in your life, right away!!


It is our career,
It is our future,
It is our success,
it is your effort!
I am really grateful to have a teacher like you.

You are always there to guide me,
You taught me the best life lessons,
You kept patience when I loosed it.
Teacher, I am really blessed to have you,
to guide me, support me and teach me!


You are not just my teacher,
But for me,
You are my guide, philosopher and mentor.
Your endless support and love,
Really make me feel like a blessed child!


Thanks a lot dear teacher,
For the life lessons,
You taught me.
Those lessons have changed me,
and made me a better human.


Thank you teacher,
For showing me the right way,
when I was on the verge of loosing my path.


I would like send to you,
sincere thanks
From the bottom of my heart
For, the support, hard wok and effort
You have invested for me
Have really made me a good person
With a good heart and
Have helped me in achieving,
a dignified personality.

You are not just a teacher,
But you are a fabulous guiding star for me.
I am grateful to God,
for blessing me, with a teacher like you.


The efforts to you put
To teach the students is truly appreciable.
I wish your love for your students always stay,
And may you always help your students
with this dedication and hard work.


I really appreciate the efforts
You put in order to teach my child.
Keep it up.
I owe my Child’s success to you!

Employee Appreciation Messages:

Your employees work really hard in order to help your company, your team etc. to achieve a target and make it reach to the soaring heights of success. Timely appreciating your employees will not only make them feel happy about work, but a little dose of appreciation will also provide them motivation to work with full enthusiasm and hard work. Here are the best appreciation messages for employees. Read on and feel free to share.


I am very happy to see you
working so hard on this project.
Keep up the determination!


I know this project
was not at all easy.
You did a great job.
Keep up the good work!

I am really thankful to you,
For your selfless efforts,
your hard work,
and your dedication.
Good work!!


Keep on working
with this enthusiasm and determination.
We are about to reach our goal.
Keep it up!


Thanks a lot!
What you did for our team,
was not at all easy,
yet you did with such ease and efforts.


Your smart work and hard work,
is the reason for our success.
I am proud to have you in my team!


Sincere thanks to you,
For all your dedication and contribution!


I really appreciate your dedication
And hard work!
You are a true gem.


Your efforts and hard work,
is truly appreciable.
Our entire team is proud of you!
Good Job!!

Appreciation Love Messages:

Being in love is a wonderful feeling. Having a soulmate who is helping, caring and loving is a matter of luck. You should feel lucky if you someone so loving and caring in your life. And if you have that someone special on your life, you should not miss a chance to them know how much you appreciate their care, love and behavior and how lucky you feel to have them in your life. Here in this section, you are going to read some of best appreciation love messages. You can send these appreciation love messages to your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, fiancé, etc.

I really want to let you know
That I appreciate and respect
each and every gesture of yours
towards me and our relationship.
Feeling blessing to have you in my life!!


I am so grateful
That I have you in my life
To care for me and love me!


The way to support me,
Love me and care for me,
is wonderful and amazing.
I feel lucky to have you with me.
Love you a lot.


Life becomes easier,
When I see you smiling,
By my side,
and holding me tight!
Love you sweet heart!!


The love you shower on me,
is none less than a blessing,
I appreciate and respect,
Each and every bit you
Dedicate to our relation.
Love you!


It is all your love and loyalty,
that holds me back through
our rough and tough times.
I am proud to have such a supportive
lover like you!


I am not getting words,
To express how much I am thankful to you,
For your unconditional support,
And love for me…
Thanks a lot.
Love you to the Pluto and back!!


I truly appreciate
the power of your love,
that heals all my problems.

Appreciation Messages for Friends:

Friends who stand by you, support you and help you through your hard times, must be appreciated for their kind gesture. This helps in strengthening your bond of friendship. In this section, you will read the best appreciation messages for friends. Do share it with your friends to let them know, how much you appreciate their love and support and how much you love them!!

I am running short of words,
To express how much I appreciate
You efforts in holding me tight
through my hard times.
You are a true best friend.


Friendship is a beautiful bond.
You have made it more beautiful,
with your support and love.
Proud to have you best friend!


You were there with me
Through all the highs and lows,
of my life.
I really appreciate your support,
And respect you for what you did for me.
Lucky to have you dear friend!

I really appreciate
the way you supported me,
when the world was against me!
You are my best buddy.
Love you friend.


Thanks a lot dear friend,
For all the effort you laid,
For making me smile,
when I was in blue.
blessed to have a friend like you.


You were there,
when I was in need.
Thank you so much friend.

These were the best messages of thanks and appreciation. Hope you enjoyed reading all of these. You can send these appreciation text messages with your near and dear ones anytime you feel you. You can add their names or write nick names in these messages in order to personalize them.

Feel free to explore our website for more interesting and heartwarming text messages, wordings, quotes and sayings.

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