Funny Quotes

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Life is too short to dwell on our bad experiences. So every time we face trials, all we have to do is accept and learn […]

Famous Love Quotes

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A feeling so strong, overwhelming, fulfilling and most of all making a person extraordinarily happy, that’s what love is. It is a sensation of one person […]

Dream Quotes

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A dream has two definitions. One refers to the involuntary event that usually occurs when the mind is at rest or sleeping. These dreams could either be […]

Pick Up Lines Tagalog

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With these tagalog pick up lines, it shows that guys in the Philippines are undeniably persistent and charming when working out for a girls attention. So […]

Christian Quotes

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A devoted Christian is expected to practice virtues and characters mentioned in the Bible- these are meekness  patience, honesty, kindness, chastity, honoring one’s parents, and love […]

Quotes about Beauty

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Beauty is referred to something that is pleasing to the mind but not limited to what the eyes can see. Things can be appreciated and […]

Letting Go Quotes

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Love is a special feeling. Just by looking at your boyfriend/girlfriend, it sometimes makes you forget about rest around you. You’re too bound for each […]

Quotes about Death

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The cycle of one’s borrowed life begins on being born and ends with death. Yes, it’s a final destination no one could ever avoid. People […]

Appreciation Quotes

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Appreciation is a recognition or acknowledgement. It’s a favorable response about someone or something good or bad but has given a positive influence into your […]

Witty Quotes

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If you have that strong, outgoing personality and showing cleverness or humor on how you speak and write then people would refer you as being […]

Latest Pick Up Lines

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Enjoy these latest tagalog pick up lines that we have collected for your use and needs. Feel free to send these latest tagalog pick up lines to your partners, couples, friends and family to put smile on their faces. Kindly share these newest pinoy pick up lines to your profiles on twitter and facebook.

Cheesy Pick Up Lines

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Cheesy is a slang term of being “showy” or affectionate. Courting a girl would obviously require much of a guy’s affection. So if you’re struggling […]

Corny Pick Up Lines

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Sweep them off their feet with these corny tagalog pick up lines. Corny means trying to be cool but ends up being uncool. Trying to […]

Funny Pick Up Lines

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Enjoy these funny tagalog pick up lines that you can send to your friends and classmates. These funny tagalog pick up lines contain words that may offend your friend or recipient so be careful on using them. Feel free to share these tagalog funny pinoy pick up lines to your facebook.

Sweet Pick up Lines

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Likas talagang makata ang mga Pinoy. Kung meron Shakespeare ang mga banyaga, aba’t meron naman tayong Jose P. Rizal. Ang nagsulat ng Noli Me Tangere, […]