Words Of Sympathy

September 4, 2014 Anamika 0

The pain of loosing someone to death is the biggest pain that one can bear. It is always hard to find words to express your […]

Funeral Card Messages

August 19, 2014 Anamika 0

Are you running short of words in expressing yourself at someone’s funeral? Are you unable to find the correct words to send on funeral? We […]

Seasons Greetings Messages

August 5, 2014 Anamika 0

‘Season’s greetings’ is a common greeting that is used to send loved and heartwarming wishes to the near and dear ones during the holiday season, […]

New Job Wishes

August 1, 2014 Anamika 0

Has someone in your social or personal circle joined a new job? That’s great!! You should celebrate with them and send them best wishes for […]

Best Break Up Messages

July 29, 2014 Anamika 0

Not all love stories are successful. Not all love stories have happy endings. The pain of breaking up with your lover is really intolerable. What […]

Best Flirty Messages

June 27, 2014 Anamika 0

These days, hanging out with your crush, love-interest or lover is not possible every time. So, people choose texting and messaging with their lover, crush […]

Farewell greetings

April 4, 2014 manasi 0

Farewell messages Farewells are hard to say, especially when the people to whom you bid farewell are close to your heart. But sometimes, when going […]

RIP Messages

April 4, 2014 manasi 0

Heartfelt RIP messages When our loved ones leave us forever, it is a heartbreaking moment. Though we know that they will never come back, we […]

Condolence Messages

March 7, 2013 annewalker 0

Looking for condolences messages.Sending your deepest condolences to a friend or loved ones is one way to convey your sympathy for their loss. Condolence messages […]

Farewell gift ideas

July 16, 2012 renuka 0

Conveying and expressing your gratitude, wishes and appreciation towards the farewell of your boss, colleague, friends, and relatives can be done with gifting them. You […]

Retirement gift ideas

July 10, 2012 renuka 0

Retirement comes in everyone’s life to relax and enjoy the rest of their life with friends and family. Let us conduct a retirement party present […]

Cheer up messages

July 6, 2012 renuka 0

A work gets done faster when there is appreciation and cheering up for a person. Cheer up messages is a collection of messages for cheering […]

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Away messages

June 25, 2012 renuka 0

Away messages are the messages used as a status message when someone is not available before system and a way to convey the opposite person […]

Appreciation messages

June 20, 2012 renuka 0

Appreciation messages can be sent to others in a way to appreciate them as a token of praising them for their work. A work needs […]

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Face book messages

June 19, 2012 renuka 0

Face book messages are used to keep it as status messages or messages written on your friend’s wall in the face book. Messages on life, […]

Retirement party messages

June 6, 2012 renuka 0

Your search stops here to find the best retirement party messages. You can find wonderful Retirement wishes which can be used to invite everyone for […]

Sorry Messages for Boyfriend

April 9, 2012 annewalker 0

Apologize with these sorry messages for boyfriend for something wrong you said or did to your boyfriend. Make it up to him with these I’m sorry messages. Let him know how sorry you are by saying “I’m sorry” sincerely.